Aletheia (ἀλήθεια) is a Greek word variously translated as "unclosedness", "unconcealedness", "disclosure" or "truth". The literal meaning of the word ἀ–λήθεια is "the state of not being hidden; the state of being evident" and it also implies sincerity, as well as factuality or reality.

What do you wonder?

Atrial fibrilation and fuck my brains out please

My heart beats 3 beats per measure /// pleasure was found, nothin profound, but a little hair of the dog to fight off the bad weather / tether line the soul ties / dont really exist, but never really exited the bliss scene //// one of the beats doesnt matter, and the other two are just for fun // i could pass out, could pass around, could I be passed around? would I want to be? me? then? The darkest hour is not always found in the night.

exploring the cosmos named
loneliness major

between the spaces of color
I found an irrevocable breath

she never escaped
my chest

heaves and hoes
its harder to get around the wind

when you’re trying to even out some deficit
flow with the go - flow

How can I help,
when you live inside the curl?
A formidable resting place;
your . smile . is .

It was curiosity to seal the fate
All i ever wanted was a taste
Something new i thought you
Knew better than them

oh the hell we found within heaven
our masterpiece is a symphony of intention
apprehension to recollect and never regret
a simple exchange of affection
the reflection is profound that we are all bound
to seven

we all wander because we are broken
wasnt it spoken the token should be found
within the coin purse; God(s)’? 
the dissillusion was
we are all broken gods
all but misplaced and transcending the spaces
between our cells

was that a gun shot

the dog barks

as a second shot rings out she yells



at the dog still barking

someone coughs in the wind and

I hear



the night time view

grey trees on black

a fence half lit

to impress my heart

a past still lurks

behind that fence

within my shadow

a knot in the fence

lets through the light

I hope

I can


the light

I really don’t do much

sitting here smoking a joint

I recollect

and I wish

I am a musical instrument

warmed up I implement


sweeter dreams

are made of these

abandoned bones


behind dirtier knees

you would think I got down on them

I get down

OH I get down

on them

only for her sentiment



and therefore

are not even far away

I couldn’t help

the swinging arm

destroy the tangent

as fault lines erupt

the breeze is smooth

and someone whistles

above the noise

fields away you

check into me


there is no room

to breathe

and I cant wait

to see

your eyes

I like to see

just how much pain I can take

so I press in

a little deeper eternally

pressing in

(today… while making coconut macaroons, I stuck my hand ‘with a latex glove’ straight into my pot of double boiled chocolate… i took it out and let it burn… dipped it back in for a little while longer… felt the searing pain disable my elbow and send chills up my shoulder and neck until they came out my eyes in tears… i loved it…)  

Part 3

Once upon a missed step

was a boy came

tumblin through

ash-es-to face- t’ licking

the clouds down


and through


I move out of my home

to be homeless

and free


there is nothing for you now




"where will you sleep"

"oh mother… you know me…"

"wherever I want…"

from sea

to shining sea