26 7 / 2014

In the moments I allow my self to take flight within my thought life I…. I… I miss you like crazy…. Though, I keep it hazy some place between intention, reality, and a fantasy I can’t help but hold fast to… But only when I take flight, so, the ground it is.. I’ll walk this world these stones the ruins of what I thought may be home but… The future will unfold, inevitably gold…

20 7 / 2014

20 7 / 2014

Thats me in the corner;
thats me in the spotlight,
losing my religion,
trying to keep up with you…

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19 7 / 2014

I search the walls
her words for love
and recollect on the poisonous reminders

chemical tracers left in my mind
are pacing thoughts and held together
to make mortared monsters

I search the walls
her words for love
and I feel the pressure of a future untold

she is not my past
let us unfold

09 7 / 2014

07 7 / 2014

I am not in control

and each moment is eternal

there is not a tomorrow

not yet

not now

the thought progression changes keys

and it stops my heart

I can hear the symphony

tender vicious words

beg for release

22 6 / 2014

Geeze… how did my life get so amazing???

I feel like I am walking down this wooded path in the majestic paradise found some place deep where deep calls out to deep, and so I stumble in deeper; (the PNW in MY imagination, personally, or castle crags, Ricky Bernard  ).Sumbling, amidst the epic adventure of breathing in the wild chaos of not knowing, waltzing in frenzies of a vision that howls through trees that move; in between the walk and the predator footsteps I sometimes thought back in time or… to get caught up… I found the serendipitous beauty whilst entrapped and slipped up. The intention-less stumbling that never lands outside of intention… This intention-less factor stumbled me up against the chameleon walls of crying we are ALL intention-less… Alive within ignorance… I trip.. I get wacked upside my face by the branch that I didn’t see coming that most likely didnt see me coming… How could I ever be so carelessly mad? Anything less than an eternal childhood overblown with thankful chemical releases; the seratonic heartthrob being I call a core…? A core to my being… Almost apologetic from some perspective I share amidst my schizophrenic and consistently colliding filters passing across my minds eye; the flickering of old films birthing nexus filled realities splattered across my consciousness…I gently let go… And so it goes…

20 6 / 2014

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19 6 / 2014

I woke up this morning
to the sun shining on my face
I said hey good mornin
to my father and his warm embrace
he said I’d like to show you the way 
to make it through another day

you just got to love it, love it, love everything
love everything that comes your way
you just got to love it, love it, love everything
love everything that comes your way

you aint so different from me
it all depends
all depends on how you see
and are you looking at me
with your own eyes
staring through a world that lies

you just got to love it love it love everything
love everything that comes your way
you just got to love it love it love everything
love everything that comes your way

you just got to love it love it love everything
until love becomes your way
you just got to love it love it love everything
until love becomes your way

until love becomes your way
love everything that comes your way
until love becomes your way
love everything that comes your way

11 6 / 2014

I am

a little unsure

a little uneasy

could it be this easy

to knock me down

youve knocked me down

and I can’t let go

right now

10 6 / 2014

Get high on the mornin sky…
Im a stranger here, just like you…

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08 6 / 2014

You make beautiful things out of the dust

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07 6 / 2014

Standing on the shore of decision, looking into the face of adventure, the desire to abandon all I know… What pushes me is rooted somewhere in between misunderstanding and knowing, knowing that what I want to understand is not in my reach, so I ponder my escape…

Will I survive the humility of ignorance?

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06 6 / 2014

I realized I have many, and that I’ve named them all, and that each name is incredibly symbolic. Each one in order has meaning to the time frame it became. You can as well see my personal growth as an individual through the meanings of the names I chose for each alter ego during the time they became. It blew my mind, so I wanted to share. Jason is my given name, so it is at the top, I also consider this my destiny. My most recent alter ego is Jay-D, which is at the bottom. All the information about all these names are from different sources, mostly google, but each chosen source was inspired by what I believe to be truth, a.k.a. acknowledged to me by THE Holy Spirit and my own Holy Spirit. Enjoy!

My Alter Egos from 2003-2014

Jason Lorien Daniels : I am a faithful healer and only God can judge me.

  • JASON is a common given name for a MALE. It comes from Greek Ἰάσων (Iasōn),[1] meaning “HEALER”, from the verb ἰάομαι, iaomai, “HEAL”, “CURE”, The name Jason is a Greek baby name. In Greek the meaning of the name JASON is: A HEALING. In Greek mythology, the LEADER of the group of WARRIOR HEROES called the Argonauts.
  • DANIEL is a Hebrew masculine given name and a surname. It means, “GOD IS MY JUDGE”, and derives from two early Biblical figures, primary among them the Prophet Daniel.

so after my birth name, my first alter ego was Stitch, my sophomore year of HS.

  • STITCH : You are SPIRITUALLY INTENSE and can sting or CHARM. Your name brings LOVE and NEW STARTS INTO LIFE.

If you were unaware, I thought I had aspergers or some form of autism growing up. I would say that my sophomore to senior years of HS were when I discovered what charm was, amidst my learning how to interact socially, and that I was capable of it, which is why I highlighted it. Also, this is when I really started questioning my spiritual life and was transitioning into a whole new world. At the end of my senior year of HS I became homeless, and started traveling.

  • DIZZ (DIZZY) :  diz·zy ˈdizē/ adjective
    1. having or involving a sensation of spinning around and LOSING ONES BALANCE. “Jason had begun to suffer dizzy spells”
    synonyms: GIDDY, LIGHTHEADED, FAINT, UNSTEADY, SHAKY, MUZZY, WOBBLY; More causing a dizzy sensation. “a sheer, dizzy DROP
    VERB: causing dizziness, causing giddiness, vertiginous.
    2. make (someone) feel unsteady, confused, or amazed.
Multiple times whilst traveling I had been called, “A breath of fresh air,” but to those who knew me, not a good friend…

"oh, the dizzying rate of change"

  • NASCI / NASCIR - Latin / Portuguese : Born / to be born.

In my memories, this is the time-frame I began looking for God. As well, this is when I was transitioning from self destruction to self actualization. 

then I started traveling again…

  • GOON & HORSE-FACE JADEN, also an old friend who knew me well directly referred to this as an alter ego he specifically named, “Train Guy.”
    My alter ego(s) while riding freight trains:
  • GOON go͞on/noun informal / a SILLYFOOLISH, or ECCENTRIC person / a BULLY or THUG, especially one hired to TERRORIZE or DO AWAY WITH OPPOSITION.
  • HORSEFACE : urban dictionary : This person is also known to be a SLUT and have LOW SELF-ESTEEM. (DTF???) Will hang on to any person who shows the smallest bit of attention. LOVES THE ATTENTION whether good or bad. (also, a person with an elongated face and bucked teeth… lol…)

I stopped traveling long distances around this time…

  • JADEN LORIEN: My musical alter ego. 
  • JADEN: is a combination of JAson DANiels. JADAN. Jaden. Lorien is my middle name. The name Jaden is a HEBREW BABY name. (Did you catch that this name was after the “birth” name?) In Hebrew the meaning of the name Jaden is: JEHOVAH(GOD) HAS HEARD. A Biblical name. 
  • LORIEN: This is my given middle name : You always bring to completion anything you start. You are generous but like to see returns from your giving. 

At some point in between the egos of Jaden and Mistep I think Jason was recognized within; also in the same time frame I found God and thus for 
the first time saw my self through God’s eyes; JASON….

Then I hung out with God a lot… And I really didn’t have a name… I even started telling people that I was dead.

My whole life exploded in my face, multiple times, and thus was born:

  • MISTEP: mis·step misˈstep,ˈmisˌstep / noun A CLUMSY OR BADLY JUDGED STEP. “for a mountain goat, one misstep could be fatal” lol… Did you know that mountain goats are experts at what they do? This name was chosen during what I would call my darkest hour.


  • TARIN MCKENNA: He just came out of no where… Somewhere…
  • Tarin : “Of the Earth”
  • Mckenna : “Ascend”

Funny that I would choose that name after a fatal Mistep…

  • JAY-D 
  • JAY Jā/ noun noun: jay; plural noun: jays 
    1. a BIRD of the CROW family with BOLDY PATTERNED plumage, typically having BLUE feathers in the wings or tail.

Blue is the the color of revelation and I’ve been consistently and randomly prophesied as the hottest part of the Fire of God, and one who God loves to share truth with, (revelation.)
Also, birds fly. Duh. 

OH YAH! The first living thing I ever saved & HEALED was a crow with a compound fractured wing, as a toddler.

     2. archaic: a person who CHATTERS IMPERTINENTLY(need I say more? ;) )

  • D: scientist, artist, poet, inventor, engineer. ”D” source: sevenreflections.com

by the way…. those are the 4 exact specific pillars dominating my mind/life/interests at the moment. 

I love you all, and thanks for putting up with the alls of me. I am learning to be who I was created to be, and its been a rough ride, so thanks for sticking around. Isn’t all that cool though? I could just be making pointless connections, but who cares… It was fun.

Jason Lorien Daniels . I am a faithful healer and only God can judge me.

06 6 / 2014

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